Sunday, July 31, 2011

Congressman Joe Walsh Republican from Illinois should resign NOW!!!

    Tea Party favorite Joe Walsh from Illinois is violating a federal parental support law and needs to resign from Congress. A few months ago many people, including myself, stated that Rep Anthony Weiner from N.Y. should resign over the lies he stated when he was caught up in an online photo scandal. Weiner stepped down amid harsh rhetoric from all sides. He had lost the trust of the people.
    Joe Walsh has not only violated the trust of the people, he has broken the same federal laws he is supposed to uphold. Walsh is being sued for back child support in the amount of  $117,000. Of course right on schedule, his Tea Party supporters are claiming this is nothing more than a political attack. Let me see if I have this correct. A Congressman sends pictures of himself in his under ware to an adult. Does not break any laws and is hounded into resigning. Another Congressman fails to pay child support and violates federal law and yet it is nothing more then a political attack. Walsh is nothing more then a sleazy, deadbeat Dad. he cares more about himself then the children he fathered. He is a law breaker and we do not need people like him in the halls of Congress.  Where is the Republican outrage over this? Where is the Tea Party outrage over this?  I understand that we have an economic crisis at this time, however last week Congressman Wu, a Democrat, from Oregon resigned because he had made unwanted sexual advances. The difference in both cases are that the two that resigned were Democrats and Walsh is a Republican. When I stated, Weiner must resign, I noted that when Republicans were entangled in scandals, they were permitted to stay on for longer periods of time and this is unfair. I am stating emphatically, Joe Walsh is a criminal, both legally and morally and the time to resign is now.   

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